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0800 688 9227	Worthing to Chichester

Please note that our new minimum order value (if local to the vehicle location) is £0 plus delivery charge of £2 if under £20. This is subject to change and in the event of the delivery vehicle having to travel more that 5 miles from its location when calling, then the normal £20 min charge will be enforced.
This also does NOT apply to on demand or out of area deliveries. Please check with driver when calling !
We realise that not all of you wish to spend £20 hence this change, however you need to realise that the business does need to be profitable and when travelling longer distances this reduces the amount we can achieve per night.

Note ALL that orders under £20 are subject to a £2 delivery charge (Worthing to Chichester ONLY), however ‘On demand’ delivery days are subject to a £5 delivery charge and may need a extra spend on alcohol.  Check Facebook or ask when calling.

Alternatively you can find us on Facebook under :




Or email (no orders) :




We also have ‘WhatsApp’  - mobile number on request

Currently we accept Cash / ALL Cards


Cash Payments


1. All cash will be checked

2. Please no excess small change (no more than £5 in silver, no bronze accepted)

3. Note that drivers only carry approx. £10 in change.


Card Payments (ALL Cards)


1. Card payments are taken via CHIP AND PIN MACHINE, no exception. Card holder MUST be present. On arrival card holder MUST show card and id with card registered address proof, i.e. driving licence.  Delivery charge to be paid in cash whenever possible. ALL major cards accepted.  Receipt will be emailed / texted and you MAY be asked to sign a Provision of Goods form.  Payment failure will need to be settled in cash.  Failure to have the means to pay WILL result in your address / telephone number being banned, please make sure you have adequate funds !

2. In Please note that ALL card payments will be subject to a £1/£20 charge in addition to any delivery charges

3. Contactless Payments are now accepted up to the normal £30 maximum imposed by the banks etc.  We are unable to split a higher bill over this amount and pay via this method, this will need to be settled via chip and pin and or cash.  Contactless is a perk not a right and we reserve the right to withdraw or refuse this type of payment.  Also we can only deliver to the cardholders address with contactless, and additional proof of id may be asked for and recorded if you are not known to us previously.

4. The maximum card payment accepted is £75 including charges




1. We are no longer accepting PAYPAL post an issue with an e-cheque bouncing.




1. We do not have a facility for credit.  Please ensure you have adequate funds prior to arrival if paying by card or cash alternative if declined.  In the event of your card declining and no alternative means to pay we will have no option but to ban and stop service to your address, and associated numbers.

2. For regular or known to us customers we can exercise a ‘trust’ payment via bank transfer later.  Please note that this is entirely at our discretion and will incur a £5 per day charge from the following midnight the same day of the order.  This service is only to be used when a card payment is declined / no cash available and cannot be pre arranged.